About The Cajun Queen

Hi I'm Stephanie The Cajun Queen.

You can take the Cajun girl out of the bayou, but you can't take the Cajun out of the girl. I got transplanted to Florida when we moved there to take care of my Father-in-Law. We originally moved to the Tampa bay area but several years ago bought a farm in Brooksville about 50 miles north of Tampa. We live there still with our chickens, cows and two crazy husky dogs.

The Florida heat and our long summers used to play havoc with my fair skin. When I would wash with regular commercial soap I noticed I had a powdery white film on my skin. My skin was also dry and rough. I used a ton of moisturizer.  Then one day I discovered hand milled goat's milk soap. Before I knew it my skin was soft and smooth and I no longer had that white powdery film on my skin.

I was hooked. The only problem was some soaps, even some hand milled soaps use lots of inorganic chemicals. I wanted my soap to be as natural as possible. We live under the idea that simple is better. We decided to keep our soap as simple as possible as well. I wanted control of what I put on my body.  My darling husband the Super Genius (He Picked Me to Marry) suggested I learn to make my own. So, I did. As my family and friends heard what I was doing they kept asking to try it. Before long I was making lots of soap and that's how the Cajun Queen soap company was born. We're real folks just like you and every soap we sell or product we make has been tested by us, on ourselves.  I hope you love our soaps as much as I do. Enjoy and Indulge yourself